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We have at our service a technical team headed by experts with more than 35 years of experience in Hotel Management. In order to offer you a quality solution which is complete, quick and flexible with the operational and preventive maintenance of your installations, we provide you with a qualified human infrastructure including;
hoteles-limpieza Pest Control( 3D ).
Garden Upkeep.
hoteles-limpieza Pool Maintenance.
hoteles-limpieza Water Recycling.
hoteles-limpieza Others.
hoteles-limpieza Architects.
hoteles-limpieza Ingineers.
hoteles-limpieza Department Managers.
hoteles-limpieza Skilled Workers.


In order to optimize resources and efforts, a series of complementary services, will end up offering you a complete and quality solution to your operative.

hoteles-limpieza Damage Repairs.
hoteles-limpieza Infrastructural Reforms.
hoteles-limpieza Operative and preventive
  maintenance of the installations .
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