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SUITHOTELS HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT offers you the possibility of managing some of the operative departments of your hotel, including several complementary services, in each one of them. Flexibility is one of our “fortes”, being able to adapt our services to your needs.


One of our commitments is satisfying your needs, for this reason and if you wish, we can take over the cleaning and care of the other areas of the hotel.
hoteles-limpieza Cleaning of Private and Common Areas.
hoteles-limpieza Full cleaning (kitchen, rooms, stores...).
hoteles-limpieza Cleaning of Parking Area .
hoteles-limpieza Cleaning of Carpets (fitting or substitution of these).
hoteles-limpieza Care and cleaning of quality surfaces.
hoteles-limpieza Cleaning of large windows and facades.


In order to optimize resources and efforts, a series of additional services will finish up by offering you a solution, both complete and of quality, to your operative :
hoteles-limpieza Dry-cleaning.
hoteles-limpieza Ironing.
hoteles-limpieza Consumable goods. hoteles-limpiezaAmenities.
Supply of linen.
hoteles-limpieza Cleaning material and products.
Jointly with you, we carry out a complete analysis of your departments, in order to identify those capable of being outsourced. Through the resulting conclusions, we create a personalized offer, destined to outsource services such as:
Taking over the complete management of the department. Our team is duly trained and specialized in the operation and administration of the said area. Control of arrivals and departures, quick and excellent communication with the other departments of the hotel and an excellent capacity for empathy, are some of our operative talents...
We adapt to your operational base in order to offer you a tailor-made infrastructure:
hoteles-limpieza Head Housekeeper.
hoteles-limpieza Floor Managers.
hoteles-limpieza Supervisors.
hoteles-limpieza Maids.
hoteles-limpieza Valets.
hoteles-limpieza Cleanerss.
hoteles-limpieza Office Coordinator.
hoteles-limpieza Administration.
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